Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania – Book One


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Published in 2013, Book One of Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania is captured entirely in glorious black and white imagery and features the coastlines and Sea Dogs from all around mainland Tasmania. Book One has sold over 5500 copies and is a number one selling title in Tasmania. It is available for purchase here, and in all good book shops and retail gift stores around the state.

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Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania – Book Two


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Published in 2016, Book Two of Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania features portraits, stories & seascapes from the remote coastlines of Flinders Island, King Island & Port Davey. Plus feature sections on the Australian Wooden Boat Festival, the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, Franklin Wooden Boat Town and beyond. Presented for the first time in glorious black and white, and vivid colour, Book 2 is over 270 pages in length.

“I have received book No.2 and it is stunning. I love it. Thank you and look forward to book No 3!” Robyn Ransley

~ Cover image and feature article in Sharp Airlines in-flight magazine ~

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Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania – Buy Both Books


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Both Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania books cover the entirety of Tasmania’s rugged coastline, including the remote coastlines of King Island, Flinders Island and Port Davey. Book 1 is captured entirely in stunning B+W imagery, whilst Book 2 is presented B+W and vivid colour.

“Hi Andrew, Your books have arrived safely. They are truly wonderful. My son and his Dad were recently at the Boat Festival and my son spotted your
lovely books. He ordered them as a birthday gift for his dad who grew up with boats around Tassie. They are really beautiful books…..a gift from you to the boating world. And a gift of Tasmanian life.”

Pattie Begent, Queensland

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Coast – Tasmania


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“It’s not often I return from lunch to find gems on my desk. But yesterday, that’s exactly what I found. This gem may not sparkle, glisten in the moonlight or cost a fortune, but it brought me the same pleasure as a rare Tanzanite might.

This gem I speak of? A book. Coast-Tasmania to be exact.

As someone who lives in Tasmania, you don’t need me telling you about the perfection of the state you live in. Flick through Coast-Tasmania and feel smug in the knowledge you don’t live in an urban jungle like most of us do.”

Anastasia Hadjidemetri

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“I’m going (to sail) around Australia if I live long enough. If I leave it too long God will want me, and at ninety I can’t argue with God.”

“The shark was so thick back when my father was fishing, they used to herd them in with a dog!”

“I did four of the clipper cups, you went around all of the Hawaiian Islands, it was sensational. Now, it doesn’t exist anymore.”


For seven years Andrew Wilson travelled the coastlines, islands, ports, anchorages and boat sheds of Tasmania. His objective, to photograph and document the fascinating tales of our oldest living mariners – the Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania.

Andrew’s journey has resulted in the publication of two stunning coffee table books full of tall tales, high adventures and beautiful seascapes. Book One and Book two are both #1 best selling titles in Tasmania, selling over 8000 copies since their release in 2013 and 2016 respectively. Combined the books features the coastlines mainland Tasmania, King Island, Flinders Island, Maria Island, Bruny Island and Port Davey, remote areas of the world full of stunning seascapes and rich in maritime adventures. Both books are beautifully presented in hard cover, and available for purchase directly from the author below.

“So back we went and it wasn’t forty knots – it was closer to seventy knots! And you could hardly see where the sky began and the sea finished. It was full of salt and spume and it was absolutely ferocious.”

“Everywhere has got the roughest bit of water – there’s twenty-five Bass Straits around the world and everyone thinks theirs is the worst. Not true of course!”

“The night that net came up, it was just full to the foot rope, just spread out over the water a great mass in the net, you couldn’t move it, couldn’t do anything, there was that much you know.”